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Molly Welch Durand is a REALTOR in Los Angeles who has been working in real estate for 7 years.  Molly is a people person who utilizes her creativity to maximize a listing and hunt for the perfect home.  She is a professional musician as well and toured with Chicago's The Second City doing  improv/sketch comedy.  Molly doesn't believe she has to separate creativity when it comes to real estate.  Music and improv are about harmonizing and collaboration with others to create solutions and beauty.  Buying a home doesn't have to be a chore, and Molly enjoys hunting and negotiating as much as she does singing, its the same type of dance.  Listing a home is wildly creative and allows opportunities to play with style, presentation, creative ways to generate a return, and meeting new people who appreciate the home being sold!  Its all about collaboration.  Its all about finding solutions.  Some buyers and sellers buy in to the idea that it has to be hard and stressful and get deflated when the first attempt isn't perfect.  The reality is, when buying or selling, the preliminary stages are mostly about gathering information.  With Molly you can keep calm and consider enjoying the process, rather than buying in to the overwhelm.  Let her work for you!


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Molly Welch Durand

Real Estate Agent & Project Manager
Los Angeles, CA

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